Collection of Unsecured Debt

DCI will work with you to recover many different types of accounts:

  • Medical & Dental
  • Government & Courts
  • Banking
  • Promissory Notes & Judgments
  • Utilities
  • NSF
  • Property Management

Client Access Online

DCI offers convenient online access to our clients:

  • Upload New Accounts
  • Update Account Information
  • Report Payments
  • Access To Assigned Accounts
  • Many Different Reporting options

Click here to view our Online Access Tutorial.

Pre-Collection Services

We can mail your final notice for you. The notice reminds consumers/patients that their account is past due and to avoid collections to remit payment or contact you as soon as possible. After 30 days, if no payment or contact has been made, we can roll those accounts directly into collections. This service comes at no cost to you.

The Dynamic Experience

Dynamic Collectors, Inc. has very little turnover in staff. This is almost unheard of in the collection industry and  the key to recovering the most money while providing the best customer service. Your office will always be dealing with a familiar and experienced professional.

Once you start utilizing our services, we will become long term partners. We realize that our consumers are your clients and neighbors. We pride ourselves in collecting debts in the most professional and ethical manner by treating people with dignity and respect.

Technologies We Utilize

  • Secure online client portal
  • Compliance Management Software
  • State of the art phone system that records all calls
  • Online payment portal

“Dynamic handles all of our accounts from pre-collect letters to final payment and everything in between. Their staff is always: courteous, prompt, and helpful whenever we need to call regarding an account. Their reports and payment listings are always accurate and up-to-date. The rate of collection is excellent.”

Delaura Wirkkala
Administrator Cowlitz County District Court

“I am writing to let you know I finally got a job. I will be sending you a payment on the first for my court case and then a payment every two weeks. I am still going to school as well. I graduate in June, I am so excited. I wanted to thank you guys for working with me all this time. I had some very tough times for awhile and you guys made it a little easier to get through them. Thank you so much. I have always heard that you guys were so tough to work, but you were a God send for me because you helped me get back on my feet after my husband died, by working with me. I can’t thank you enough.”

Consumer Testimonial

“Dynamic Collectors, is an integral member of our outside collection team. They continually perform in a professional and highly ethical manner, both with the collection customers we send to them, and also with our department of Collection Specialists. They continually perform above and beyond our expectations.”

Karen Wardlow
Collections Manager, Timberland Bank

“I have found the staff at DCI to be accessible, professional and timely in following up on questions and issues that may arise. They are proactive in using workflows and technologies to maximize collections on the accounts we give them.”

Kirsten Maxwell
TRA Medical Imaging

“I have had a payment plan with you guys for almost a year. I know its been a hit and miss affair with my responsibility of making the payments on time. I have had a very professional relationship with every Dynamic team member. Whether I came into the office or called I want all of them to know how much it means to me and my family to have a collector who work with us and try to make the payment easier by adjusting dates but also treating customers the best.”

James C.
Consumer Testimonial

“Results are better than satisfactory, with good return rates even though we also attempt to collect debt before handing it off to Dynamic. We enjoy a good relationship with this provider, and find them responsive to our needs as a financial institution. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to any financial institution or company needing help with outside collection activities.” 

Andy Alexander
Security State Bank

“We have used Dynamic exclusively for many years now. I would highly recommend them for any of your business collection needs. The staff is very efficient, courteous and professional. The personalized service they provide to myself and staff is above and beyond what is the norm for a collection company. If we need them to cancel an account they do so without hesitation. They send a complimentary pre-collect letter. They only take commission on accounts in full collection status. This service alone has proven to be financially beneficial to us. The rate of return on our accounts in collections is higher than most collection companies.”

Tammy Cox
Westsound Orthopaedics

“We have developed a wonderful working relationship with Dynamic Collectors and are very pleased with the level of service they provide along with a fantastic return rate on our bad debt.”

Albert C. Goerig, DDS

“We have been a satisfied client for many years. They work very hard to collect unpaid debts on our behalf and have a great track record with our office. Jake and the rest of the team with Dynamic are easy to work with and always make themselves available for any issues that may arise. They treat debtors with respect and word hard to establish strong lines of communication and to establish a workable payment plan to satisfy the unpaid debt.”

Dr. Dolgash & Dr. Jackson
Oral Surgery Assoc.

“Dynamic Collectors have been very helpful to me. They work with payment if I don’t have the full amount, partial payment, double payment, whatever works best with me. Very friendly staff on the phone and in person. Always helpful. Thank you Dynamic.” 

Tyler C.
Consumer Testimonial


“We have contracted with DCI since August 2016. We were allowed to “try them out,” and we were sold. We transferred all collections over to them in December 2016. We are very pleased with the increased collection rate on new and old accounts, the easy customer service, and the relationship we have built with our reps. Dynamic truly does deliver what they say they will do and can do. We no longer hear complaints about our collection company.”

Marlynn Markley
Whitman County District Court

“Awesome, nice and I always have a smile on my face when I talk to the lovely ladies.”

Brady W.

“Dynamic has more than tripled the court’s civil caseload with collection activities. The amount of the interest collected by the court has sky rocketed as Dynamic works all cases, rather than just the fresh easier to collect ones. [They] have exceeded not only the court’s expectations but those goals they have set for themselves. It is without reservation that I endorse and recommend this agency for your consideration.” 

Maurice Baker
Court Administrator

“We saw a significant increase in our collection ratio when we changed to Dynamic. Kevin and his staff continue to maintain this high collection ratio for our business. As a medical office we were concerned that our patients not feel harassed during the collection process and with the professional staff at Dynamic this has not been a problem.”

Cathy Dahl
Manager, Longview Radiologists

“The Kitsap County District Court began contracting with Dynamic Collectors in 2010. They received 50% of the collection cases with our existing company getting the other 50%. For one year, the two companies competed for the contract to handle 100% of the court’s business. Dynamic prevailed. Dynamic has more than tripled the court’s civil caseload with collection activities.”

Maurice Baker
Former Administrator Kitsap County District Court